Be it catching up with friends, a business meeting, lunch with colleagues, in town shopping, an evening meal for two or twenty or any celebratory occasion... andwhynot creates the perfect setting, both at lunchtime and evening...



To reserve your table with us at andwhynot, please call our friendly team on 01623 633330. Alternatively, why not enquire about table availability by email?


Please include all of the details regarding your visit then simply press 'Enquire'


We'll endeavour to confirm your request by telephone within 24 hours.


Your table request will be confirmed only when our friendly team have spoken with you.

If you require a table within the next 24 hours, we recommend that you call us on 01623 633330.

We look forward to seeing you soon...


andwhynot Serving times

Main Menu

Tuesday to Saturday
From 11.30am


Lunchtime Favourites

Tuesday to Saturday
11.30am intil 4pm


Sunday Lunch...

Sundays from 11.30am
until 6pm


Please note that, if you order food from both our Main Menu and Pizza Menu, we can't guarantee that your food will arrive at your table at the same time as pizzas are prepared in our new pizza kitchen.


Andwhynot PIZZA

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